Picking up from where we left off… Almost… ITA 2017

About a year ago I decided to take a six-month long, shall we say, sabbatical of sorts, from blogging, to try and rethink my vision of this blog and its future, and what I would like to see here in terms of content and focus, and although I do realize that it’s been more than… Continue reading Picking up from where we left off… Almost… ITA 2017


ITA 2016, or a few glorious days in Yerushalayim

Of about ten words I know of Hebrew, Yerushalayim shel zahav (Jerusalem of Gold) are most probably the three I've known the longest, all thanks to an old song of the same name. Given that, it's surprising it has taken me so long to finally make it to the city itself. And I'm extremely happy I went,… Continue reading ITA 2016, or a few glorious days in Yerushalayim

The Pros and Cons of Dummy-boothing, or does your Brain need tricking?

Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch painter, whom some only know for going crazy (some say) and cutting off his ear. Others know him for painting bright flowers, a large number of self-portraits, and landscapes of Provence, as he got to spend quite some time in the south of France, although a large share of it… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Dummy-boothing, or does your Brain need tricking?

Ethics and Translation: Do Translators Have a Choice?

We are all human. We have our thoughts, our beliefs, our opinions. And sometimes we have to translate texts that are as different as can be from what we believe in and hold to be true. The decision as to how to render words and ideas can instantly become much more complicated. Which is precisely why I would like to share with you this brilliant post by a fellow translator. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.


I have always been a very political person. It’s in my blood you could say. And I am not very good at shutting up when I see something happening that offends my personal ethical code of conduct. Some people call it “having a big mouth”. Whether it’s tragic suicide bomb attacks in Paris, or children dying in Gaza because medical supplies are being stopped by Israeli border controls, it makes my blood boil.
So “How the hell does that work out for someone who is paid to translate someone else’s opinion and basically “shut the f*** up” or at least take a back seat with her own thoughts?” I hear you wondering very loudly.


In my experience, in person, translators are just as opinionated as anyone else on all the touchy subjects: gender equality, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the refugee crisis, Adidas or Puma, the Oxford comma, all those niggly difficult…

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Some useful tips from the booth

As interpreters, we complain quite a lot. To be fair though, most of the complaints we have are not totally unfounded. That is why I would like to share with you today this brilliant post by Ewandro Magalhães: http://ewandro.com/public-speaking-secret-3/ It would be only fair to say that interpreters have a unique position to judge whether a speeach is… Continue reading Some useful tips from the booth

Practice makes perfect – but where do I find the speeches?

I guess there is nothing left to add to this post except that practice takes a lot of time, it’s almost never easy, but is always rewarding. Maybe not right away, but most likely sooner than later. And I would also like to express my gratitude for such a thoughtful and comprehensive list of links and sources of practice material.

The Interpreter Diaries

Readers of the Diaries will have noticed that I have not been very active on this blog lately. Yes, well, busy busy and all that… Still, I’m pleased to say that I have not given up writing altogether!

Just this week I produced my first piece for AIB’s new blog, Simultaneous Interpretation. It’s all about where you can go to find useful speech resources for practicing interpreting. If you’re interested in finding out more, go and check it out!

Practice makes perfect – but where do I find the speeches?

Image courtesy of winnond at freedigitalphotos.net Image courtesy of winnond at freedigitalphotos.net

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